These guys are behaving like they are talking classes for a political science course 101. “Two of the six nominated persons are woman representing 33.2%” Really.

Now that this committee has screened the nominees what else will the House of Assembly do. And yet Prof. Agbonlahor without irony claimed the process was democratic.

We cannot develop our democratic institutions if we insist on these ad hoc arrangements.

Obaseki has to have the urgency of now. He got the report of the committee three weeks ago, what else was he doing with their report. I hope not setting up another one to review the report of the first committee.

These guys should have been shovel ready from day dot. The ambition to run for office did not drop from the sky. They have been brewing this for a while and should be able to chew gum and walk at the same time. They should have developed any claimed processes and committees to pre screen those they wish to work with when they win office.

One is unimpressed.

Obaseki receives list of Political nominees | Nigerian Observer


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