Edo police arrests Pastor, his sister for allegedly trafficking young girls to RussiaVanguard Newspaper 

Edo State
The Edo State Police command have arrested one Pastor Endurance Ehioze and his sister for allegedly trafficking young girls to Russia.
Confirming their arrest to Vanguard, the commissioner of police in the state, Haliru Gwandu, said they were arrested after an NGO who got wind of their illicit activities, reported them to the police. Narrating her experience in the hands of the pastor and his sister, one of the victims, 24 year old Miss Florence Abu, said;

“It all started in 2012 when a member of my Church at Isihor, a Pastor, said he wanted to see me in church. I went. He asked me if I will like to travel out and I told him yes but that I don’t have money. He assured me that the money wasn’t a problem. He said his sister, based in Russia, will take me abroad. He said in less than two months I will be able to pay up the money my madam will spend and that since am a hair stylist and singer I will make it. Later, I was introduced to the sister abroad. Her name is Vivian Ehioze. I had to borrow money to do my passport. She kept calling and assuring me that all will be well. I was made to take oath of allegiance. As part of oath of allegiance they took my pubic hair and nails which they kept and said whenever I finished payment, I will be free from any evil attack.” Florence said she was dumped on the streets of Russia after she paid $45,000 to her madam. She added that she has contracted a mysterious disease and would be needing the help of Nigerians to rehabilitate her life.


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