There is a reason why it was stated that if you are coming to equity come with clean hands. You cannot preach against or fight a corrupt system when your hands may themselves be soiled and tainted.

You can’t instill financial/ethical discipline if you are not, culturally, financially and ethically disciplined. Ask Emir MSII, Prof. Mahmoud Yakubu or Prof. Yusuf Usman and many others. In fact, if political class have nothing on you, they will frame you.

That is why even as I was happy that the Sultan is calling out the evil people we’ve as governors, I was also afraid that they may have dirt on him or dangle a carrot so big that he cannot reject. And that will put the spanner into his works.

And then other stories started coming out that the Sokoto State has procured N700 million house for him in Abuja to serve as guest house.

You see, my problem is not the purchase itself and the cost, even though;
◼ (1) it is damn too expensive for Sokoto which is one of the poorest states in Nigeria and
◼ (2) it shows that the state governor lacks strategic focus for paying such amount for a guest house when there are many other more important and pressing issues like unemployment, health, roads, education, agriculture, poverty etc.

If the state bought the house in the name of the Sultanate, I will not be worried as I’m right now, even as I said it is a serious misplacement of priority. The people and their problems first, then the comfort of the rulers.

My problem is that another side of this sad drama is also saying that the house is originally the Sultan’s personal house. In other words, the government bought the house for the Sultan from the Sultan. If truly the house is his as alleged. What is the source of such huge amount? That is about $2million.

I’m now confused. How can His Highness talk on behalf of the masses to these truly lazy sleazy political beings who are not creative, not interest in the well-being of the people and have no strategic vision for their state or region but to only wait for funds from the Federal Government? How?

And please, don’t tell me “touch not my anointed” or oft-used moniker of “Do not wash your linen in the public”. They don’t exist in Islam. He is leader of the Muslim ummah and he knows that he has no free pass. What we have is “do not accuse wrongly”. I didn’t accuse or suggest that anything untoward happened. I’m just worried.

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