IPHONE X (video)

As rumors suggested, Apple had a third phone to announce at today’s event, the iPhone X. As Tim Cook said, it’s “the biggest leap forward since the original iPhone.”

In a word, it’s gorgeous.

It’s engineered to be both water and dust resistant and comes in space gray and silver.

iPhone X also features the new Super Retina Display. It’s 5.8-inches, with 2436 x 1125 resolution, and 458 ppi — the highest pixel density in an iPhone, ever.The OLED screen has great contrast, it’s thin, and offers some of the best resolution on any flagship device.

Dolby Vision, 3D Touch, and over 1,000,000:1 contrast ration make this device a sight to behold. Behind this gorgeous screen is a tap to wake feature that gives you a new way to wake the iPhone, a much needed feature since iPhone X no longer has a Home button. With an edge-to-edge screen, though, it’s a worthy tradeoff.

As for Siri, there’s a larger button on the side to wake her, or you could always just use “Hey Siri” to summon her with your voice.

But what about the fingerprint sensor? Well, you don’t need it anymore. Face ID needs only to look at you to unlock your device, no fingerprints required.

Every time you glance at your iPhone one of several front-facing sensors scans your face and creates a mathematical model in real-time. As we reported previously, the feature is quite advanced and could be a real game-changer in the industry. All of this wizardry runs seamlessly behind the scenes using an A11 neural engine, literally a neural network in your phone. It’s dual-core, and can perform over 600 billion computations per second.

It’s also highly adaptable. It works during the day, or at night; whether you’re wearing a hat, or not; or even if you grow a beard or decide to sport glasses.

With the fingerprint sensor, Apple claims the chances are 1 in 50,000 that someone with a similar fingerprint could unlock your device. With the Face ID, it’s now 1 in 1,000,000.

Apps like Mint, OnePassword, and eTrade will all work with Face ID, much like they did with its fingerprint-sensing predecessor.

It might also be the fastest phone on the market.

And what are we going to use all this raw power for? Creating Animoji, of course. Animoji are emoji that use AR to move realistically with your facial movements. Poop Animoji, here we come.

As far as cameras, the iPhone X features two 12MP sensors as well as the same tuning for AR and lighting features of the iPhone 8, including Portraight Lighting on the front-facing camera. If that gets you excited to take more selfies, it gets even better: Portrait Mode now works with the front-facing shooter as well.

If you’re worried about a hit to battery life, don’t be. Apple claims the iPhone X has two hours of additional battery life than the iPhone 7.

The iPhone X comes in two sizes: 64GB and 256GB. It starts at $999.

You can preorder yours October 27, and they’ll ship November 3.

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