Zamfara state governor allegedly bought brand new BMW X6 SUV for Senator Yerima’s son who is about to wed while Zamfara Government House is in blackout over unpaid bills – NAN


This is how the governments of the North underdevelop their people. In the scale of preference, the governor thought political and financial pay back is more important then the welfare of his state and people.

Salaries are outstanding, the debt profile of the state is high, it has failed all development index and yet the Governor has the presence of mind to spead $200,000 for the wedding of the former governor under whose auspices he obtained his office, hence payback time.

These are crimes against humanity.

According to Sahara Reporters, Zamfara state governor, Abubakar Yari, just bought this BMW X6 SUV for the son of a former governor of the state now Senator, Sani Yerima,  Abba Ahmad Sani Yerima, who is set to wed this Friday.

Governor Yari who returned from Hajj today, has also reportedly packaged $200K as part of his wedding gift to the couple.

Zamfara State Government House in Gusau has remained in darkness following the disconnection of electricity supply to the premises by the Kaduna Power Holding Company.

Speaking to journalists on the development on Wednesday, the Business Development and Relationship Officer of the company in Gusau Area Office, Mr. Aminu Yakubu, said the action followed the failure of the state government to settle its bills.

Yakubu said the state government had continuously failed to pay its electricity bills over the years.

He said the disconnection affected some other state government’s offices including the Yariman Bakura Specialist Hospital which was also disconnected in spite of the fact that it was providing essential services.

Yakubu said the state government, which had a monthly electricity bill of between N15 million and N20 million, was now owing the company about N400 million.

“Since there was no indication that the state government would pay, my head office directed that we cut the supply until the debt is settled, ” the officer said.

Yakubu, however, said that the state House of Assembly had invited him to explain the reason company cut power supply to the state government.

“I explained the debt profile and the legislators promised to talk to the executive so that the money being owed would be settled,” he said.

Yakubu said his office was now waiting to hear from the lawmakers and if nothing positive was done, he would wait for further directive from his headquarters.



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