Top 5 African countries to explore in 2019

As the year ends, many will hope to have more stamps on their passports in the new year resolution. We can’t wait to explore these amazing destinations too!

Take inspiration from our travel hotlist. These are the destinations we also can’t wait to visit in 2019.

1. Namibia

Namibia is an exotic paradise, mostly overlooked by Africans. It contains secrets that many are yet to discover. Head straight up to Serra Cafema in Kaokoland and boat along the Kunene River (a surreal experience in the heart of the dry, wind-blown landscape), before seeking out desert-adapted elephant in the hills around Haonib Valley Camp, and you can even get a flying safari experience. You can also visit the famous Himba tribe in Namibia. If you want, you can even plan your trip for December!

2. Egypt

  • Abu Simbel
  • Abu Simbel  ( IG | Escapingny) 

Egypt has so much for travellers to see and do. it’s the perfect country for a mix of activities combining culture, adventure, and relaxation. Long known for its pyramids and ancient civilization, it is also the home of the ancient Pharaohs. With vast tracts of desert, superb scuba diving, and the famed Nile River there’s something for everyone here. See 4 beautiful places to visit in Egypt.

3. The Gambia


For those considering Gambia as their next destination, expect to pursue hiking trails, bathe in the sun, explore diverse landmarks and be acquainted with beautiful culture and traditions. Gambia makes for a perfect holiday destination. The country is rich with beaches and is home to many safari camps. It also boasts of rich traditions and culture, tourists can revel in its awesomeness while also enjoying the country’s beautiful landscapes.

4. Cameroon

For Nigerians, another neighbouring country you have to visit is Cameroon. It is a country filled with history, culture and natural attractions. From chasing waterfalls to its many historical sites, Cameroon is one country that more people should explore, especially during short holidays. See the 10 places you have to visit in Cameroon.

5. Senegal

In Senegal, there is much to be explored. The Saloum Delta, for example, has breathtaking lagoons, islands, mangrove forests and gushing rivers. Beautiful unspoiled beaches, gorgeous baobab trees and various monkey species.

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