Who does Buhari know

Buhari does not know anybody outside of Daura. He knows nobody outside of his age group. He knows nobody who was not in the Nigerian Army. He does not know any woman. He knows nobody who is young. He knows nothing outside of his original political party.

He now wants to appoint in ministerial positions only does he knows. But he knows nobody as detailed above.

The Nigerian constitution obligates the appointment into federal ministerial positions to reflect the political units of the country.

Buhari’s election was not made possible due to efforts of those he knows. He did not win only in Daura where he knows people but across the country where he does not know people.

Nigeria is bigger than Buhari and his political party.

Nigeria is a constitutional democracy and our basic law is the constitution which Buhari appears to have a fleeting relationship as his compliance is observed more in its breach.

Nigeria is not the personal fiefdom of an Emir. Buhari MUST comply with our constitution and appoint those who will bring value to our lives in accordance with our constitution.


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