The American state of Denmark is rotten

Does the 2020 US presidential election result invalid the Russian claims in the 2016 US presidential elections. Russian impact through the lens of the 2020 elections, show it to be marginal. However, the mere Russian intervention and the criminality inclined Trump campaign oversized their perceived impact on the 2016 elections.

The allegations which dogged Trump from 2016 to 2020, he deserved them as he comes to equality without clean heads. He who seeks to kill with untruths shall die by untruths and so Trump has died of untruths.

The GOP from the fall of Nixon to date has sought to invalidate the elections of democratic presidents. Clinton and Obama’s dogged opposition from the world of the GOP were the manifestation of such actions.

The GOP’s conduct in the appointments of judges and Supreme Court justices are a new front and retaliation they will also receive and the GOP will express shock that gambling was taking place in a Casablanca bar.

The American people and dare say the world is the loser in this eye for an eye attitude of the American political actors. GOP thinks of itself as the power of government and does everything to seek to preserve that position.

The GOP seeks to define the political centre and invites the Democratic Party to come to the centre while itself leeches to the far right. In any event, there is no European type left in the US political philosophy and culture.

The Democratic Party must be confident in its political philosophy and resist the frontal assault by the GOP by defining its political centre and campaign for same. Stop nuances, Americans don’t have the patience for nuances. Define GOP political position rather than have the GOP define the tone and direction of political discuss.

At the onset of the Affordable Care Act in 2008, the GOP invented death panels and the Democratic Party in the 2010 elections ran away from the ACA amine the frontal attack by the Republican and Tea party. That was political cowardice in its finest. The American psych does not have time for cowards at least in the image of themselves.

The GOP’s attack on the American minorities using race, drug and criminal justice as its tools have never been checked mate by the Democratic Party instead it shifted its own position as evidenced in the infamous 1990s Crime Bill. That crime bill has been a reoccurring injury within the Democratic Party and in 2016 and 2020 gaslighted both the Clinton and Biden candidatures among the young in the party.

Trump has exposed the GOP in a very stack way and showed that the only position the GOP holds is the acquisition and retention of power for the benefit of corporate welfare queens. They have no interest in the development of democracy in the US and will seek to size power by any means necessary. The gerrymandering of American politics is really the noise of a drying political creature as such actions in a democracy is not sustainable long term. Georgia is an example of such positions not sustainable over a long term.


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