THE POOR, THE SUCKERS by Hassan Mohammed

Poor and uneducated people are the same everywhere. When they love and trust, they commit 100%. Sometimes for good and some other times for bad. But when they commit to rich people, politicians and religious leaders, they are usually played for suckers, for fools.

Donald Trump and his two sons addressed the white “protesters” in front of the White House emphing up and egging them on to march to the Capitol building and that they’ll lead them. Trump promised that he will walk with them to Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol.

But in the end, like in Nigeria only these poor people, mostly from rural areas of the Southern parts of the US went to the Capitol. His sons were nowhere to be found. The two sons and Rudy Gulianni took the next flight out of Washington, while Trump haul his ass up in the White House.

Trump’s children did not participate. The poor fought for them. The same way you’ll never see the children of the Buharis, Tinubus, Jonathans, Fasholas, Kwankwasos, Gandujes, Okorochas, El-Rufais, Wikes are never on the streets, even though they are stronger and healthier.

The funny part is Trump released a video speech saying:

“Those who broke the law, you will pay!”.


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