Part of the agreement that the Taliban signed with the Trump administration, American troops will withdraw in May, with deadline being August 31st, 2021.

And then the Biden Administration, arrogant in its dealings, thought all will be well, that the corrupt administration of Ashraf Ghani and the military and police will fight for their country. Biden said the Taliban will not take over, literally, with push back.

The Taliban walked into the capital with no pushback or resistance whatsoever. It was over within hours. The Taliban inherited the some of the sophisticated weapons cache anywhere in the world.

But that is not the issue here. Part of the agreement is free passage to aide workers, embassy workers and about 70,000 Afghans that work with Americans. However, things got out of hand when practically every one that wants to be free of the Taliban rule was rushing to the airport.

Before you know it, the doctors, nurses, pharmacists, engineers, accountants, bankers, lawyers, teachers, lecturers were leaving the country in droves. Suddenly, the Taliban came to the realization that they can not govern their country with illiterate warriors and religious extremists, The country will simply collapse. What did they do? They blocked all access to the road to the airport.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said no more exodus of professionals. It is no doubt very wrong since they are going to force they professionals left behind, especially women to work in 15th century conditions. But the thing is they get it. They know the danger they will face if everybody left.

In the last 20 years, the Americans, however we think of them are the reasons for uptick in university education for over 10,000 women in Afghanistan, in very vital areas of their economy. And the Taliban is watching them leave. So, they decided on their crude methods.

In Nigeria, Ngige is telling our professionals to go abroad, that we don’t need them. We have them in abundance. But we don’t.

On the comment thread of this post, I will be attaching two video-reports. One is of doctors going through the pains of tests and interviews at Sheraton Hotel so they can migrate to Saudi Arabia. The other is of earlier interview of the idiot uncouth Minister of labour, Chris Ngige, a doctor by training saying (paraphrasing) “It is okay if they leave, “we have surplus doctors in Nigeria. We export”.

He went on, saying (again, I paraphrase):

“I’m not concerned. I’m not worried. We have surplus doctors in Nigeria, in the medical profession. It is my area. I know. We have MORE THAN ENOUGH doctors. So, there’s nothing wrong with our doctors leaving Nigeria to other countries. If you have surplus, you export. That is what India does. I was taught biology and chemistry by Indians. When these doctors go abroad, they make money and send it home. Some of them will even come back and set up private practice. Many of my friends that travelled abroad now have facilities in Nigeria”.

This fool does not care that the poor cannot afford cost of going to our public hospital let alone go to his friends’ private hospitals. Nigeria needs 300,000 doctors. We currently have 40,000, according to Nigeria Medical Association (NMA). I doubt if we have 10,000. But hey, that is NMA. Still, That is a whopping 250,000 less than required. Yet this foolish man is granting interviews saying we have surplus. Of what? Is he including the native doctors, babalawos, bokas?

Look, what this tells me is while Taliban are using their crude methods to stop emigration of professionals, this Minister has no 21st century methodology of keeping our doctors by honouring agreements, paying them well, providing for their welfare. The Taliban gets it. The short goofy clown does not.

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