America RIP?

In my life time, I am witnessing an empire die.

An empire does not dies with an event. There is no army yet formed that will or can trigger the demise of America. There is no economy big enough to squeeze the American economy.

An empire dies when it’s people cease to believe in it.

The greatest testimony for Donald Trump is to make Americans not believe in America and Americans but steal an admiration for a Tyrant here and there, loss faith in its democratic tenets, disregard its judiciary and rig its economy.

Americans are on their fast track to disbelieving in America a little less as long as both Donald Trump and Rupert Murdoch traverse the lands of America spreading apathy and hate for America and between Americans. The army of religious zealots, media henchmen and oligarchs are on a match to commit kamikaze as if America dies, they also die in the process. There will be no country for their nostalgia of making their America great again as there was never such a country of their diseased imagination. America was and is always an idea, a journey to a better union while renewing and rebirthing itself with new peoples and ideas. America was never a finished product and if it believes it’s purpose was compete, it dies and the sun will set and it’s dawn comes about.

As with Rome, the Republican Party and it’s cohorts have laid siege against what America means to Americans. It believes in the free market so long as it is rigged, believes in justice so long as it peeks at those it is administered against, it believes in equality so long as some are more equal than others, in the rule of law, so long is on others.

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