Who is Buhari and what’s the first chapter of history for post Buhari

In 1983, Buhari lunched War against Indiscipline and in 1984 during a closure of Nigeria borders allowed unaccounted 53 suitcases into Nigeria. He makes and destroys.

In 2015, he lunched fight against corruption by 2022, he undoes all that by pardoning two governor thieves. He appointed a child to head the EFCC with a clean aim to gut that organisation.

In 1983, he claimed unity of Nigeria important and becomes the first Moslem one and two in Nigeria political leadership.

In 2015, he claimed national unity and every important appointments he made were from his own people to the calculated exclusion of other qualified Nigerians not of his hue or religion.

But these are lessons refused to be leant by the Nigerian people.

Buhari was and is a Northern Islamic nationalist from 1966. He was part of the Northern gang who abducted and killed Ironsi. He and others prosecuted the Biafran war with zeal and banditry. The only property Buhari claimed to own outside of the North was a Port Harcourt property stolen from fleeing Ibos from Rivers state. Buhari has never believed in Nigeria.

The only discernible political ideological bent is of Fulani hegemony, this why he turned a blind eye to the herdsman’s flame that has now turned fire burning Nigeria.

He claims to be ravaged by poverty yet he accepts he has had a private medical term in England for the past 30 years, these doctors not paid in cows.

During his time as Petroleum minister in the 1970s, $2.8 billion went missing. He was chairman of Abacha’s Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF) and its on record Abacha and his family stole Nigeria dry yet there is no documented statement from Buhari ever condemning Abacha.

He has co-opted all the successful PDP gangs of thieves including his party chairman Abdullahi Adamu, Kebbi governor Abubakar Atiku Bagudu who was Abacha’s bagman. Amaechi is currently stealing in broad daylight.

The APC today is a den of thieves and he is their leader. He has promoted mediocrity including his wife, his press spokespersons and all around him.

We all saw him coming and there was a country.


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