Campaign what campaign by Pius Adesanmi

I have not seen a single update about a single issue the new Senator from Osun campaigned on…
Today, you can take a canoe ride around Lekki, campaiging door to door, asking residents to vote for you to represent them in some capacity, everybody will want to know your party, religion, ethnicity, and godfather affiliation. Nobody will ask for your opinion about flooding and drainage.
Today, you can ride a donkey around Zamfara, asking people to vote for you in a forthcoming election. It will all be about which part of the state you’re from, your political party, and your level of sharia compliance. Your views on polio and meningitis? Don’t worry, nobody will ask you. That is the business of WHO, Red Cross, Doctors without Borders, and the international community.
Ride Okada around Okun land, where salaries are a strange beast, and ask the people to vote for you. It will be about your party, which part of Okun you’re from, who your godfather is, your stomach infrastructure reliability. Your view on salaries? Don’t worry.
I taya.

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