Bola Tinubu not positive for COVID-19, currently on vacation in UK – Son, Seyi –

Seyi Tinubu, son of APC National leader, Bola Tinubu, has denied reports that his father has tested positive for COVID19 and is receiving treatment in
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Now that’s a lie. Nobody comes to the UK during its tier lockdown for vacation. He can’t move around and enjoy its restaurants, or other vacation sites. If he is in the UK, the he is not here for vacation. The meaning of vacation as used by his son has not changed or have a duel meaning. It’s like going to Asaba during the Nigerian civil war from Lagos for vacation. You normally would not go to a war front for vacation. Vacation is to rest and re-energise. London or any part of the UK is not suggested location for such an activity. If you believe Infant governor Yahaya of Kogi, then his state without Covid-19 should be the place to be. Although, I note that Yahaya is mostly based in Abuja rather than his own safe state. Okay back to Tinubu, why lie about the reason for his presence in the UK. If not here for vacation, why is he here. He is private citizen, so no compulsion to explain why his here. But his son felt the need to purposely lie and that pricks one’s curiosity. If he has Covid which requires treatment in the UK why lie about it. If he survives and returns to Nigeria, he can claim god saved his life to rule Nigeria in 2023 but he fails to survive how do you explain his demise. If one dies in the UK there is a statutory requirement of a death certificate and no magomago, it will state the correct cause of death. This is not a premature announcement of the death of Tinubu but a critic of the lie that he is in the UK for vacation.


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